ABC Life Literacy


Activate Learning is a literacy program focused on supporting and empowering the unique population of Newfoundland and Labrador. The program aims to increase and enhance access to quality literacy resources that align with the Skills for Success model:

  • Skills for work and life
  • Financial literacy
  • Health literacy


Literacy organizations and community groups can use the resources to run a series of workshops on a number of topics, or focus on a select few based on the needs and interest of their learners.

Literacy resources can also be accessed directly through ABC Life Literacy Canada program websites:

Employability and life skills through UP Skills for Work

Intro to employability and life skills






Time Management


Stress Management





Problem Solving



Creativity and Innovation

Financial Literacy through Money Matters

Spending plans*

Banking basics*

Borrowing money*

Ways to save*

Smart Shopping

What is a Bank?**

Ways to Pay**

Needs, Wants, and Spending Plans**

How to Use an ATM**

Understanding Your Paycheque**

Money Safety**

Facing Challenges**

*Custom workshops reflective of Indigenous Peoples culture and community also available.

**Adapted workshops to support people with diverse abilities.

Health Literacy through ABC Health Matters

Take charge of your health

Map out your health


“I appreciate the focus on skills as opposed to experience and education because it allows us to highlight our learners’ strengths, even if they feel they don’t have the traditional experience.” – Practitioner

“My favourite thing about this workshop was the sharing time and discussing that math skills are something we need to practice. Solving problems can be done differently by different people. You are not alone if you have math anxiety like I do. I worry about passing it on to my children. Math is so important because we use it everywhere, not just in our jobs but in our daily activities.”  Learner

This project is funded in part by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.